Transcription Service

Professional Transcription Service

Transposing Audio Interviews and Discussions into Readable Text

Professional Transcription Service

Conducting interviews for research projects and gathering data can result in hours of footage that needs to be handled with discretion and sensitivity. Our highly-trained team understand the importance of data and are committed to providing the most accurate representation of your audio or video files. We have expanded on the success of our proofreading service for students, businesses and PhD students to offer a high-quality transcription service for academics and professionals to save you time and money. 


Working Closely with Universities and Colleges

Working on a research project that involves hours of interview footage can be a time-consuming and laborious activity that takes away from the important and more interesting task of conducting the research or running your business. This is where we can help. We work closely with universities and academics in London, Manchester and throughout the UK in providing accurate interpretations of interviews, conferences, discussions, meetings, research projects, in fact, anything that requires transposing audio recordings into readable text. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients to ensure we offer the best service possible and to build strong working relationships to help and support you in your role.


Simple or Detailed Transcription

Building close working relationships we feel is important to provide the best service possible, whether that's producing a simple transcription of what was spoken, or a more detailed documenting of the interview or meeting, indicating the intonations, pauses and vocal stresses that can alter the meaning of what was said. 



How it Works

Having your recorded files transcribed into text cannot be simpler. All you need to do is to upload the document or send the file as an attachment to with the level of detail you need and we will get to work transforming your material into a readable format. As with the nature of research and academic work, we understand the urgency that comes with it. This is why we have a very fast turnaround and can help you reach your deadlines.