Derrida On The “Truly Exceptional Moment” When Writing “Of Grammatology”

Derrida on Of Grammatology Derrida describes the unique experience of writing the first two parts of ‘Of Grammatology’. He describes the responsibility and irresponsibility of writing the text as if the work was transcribed to him, without ascribing a religious sensibility. Derrida describes ‘Of Gramatology’ as ‘a truly exceptional […]

Walter Benjamin

Walter Benjamin’s Techniques for Writers and Critics – Writing tips

The Writer’s Technique in Thirteen Theses Anyone intending to embark on a major work should be lenient with himself and, having completed a stint, deny himself nothing that will not prejudice the next. Talk about what you have written, by all means, but do not read from it while the […]

Derrida on the Death Penalty

The Death Penalty, Volume I : The Seminars of Jacques Derrida A review of the forthcoming book by Jan Mieszkowski in the LA Review of Books where Derrida engages with Immanuel Kant and the categorical imperative. An interesting read and a taste of things to come.

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