Proofreading in Manchester and London

Proofreading in Manchester and London

Doctor John Proofreading provides high quality, fast and affordable proofreading in Manchester, London and throughout the UK for students and those wanting to improve their grades. Our proofreaders are all native speakers with doctorates from UK universities and have worked extensively with students from undergraduates to PhDs. Your work is in safe hands.

Our Proofreaders have PhDs from Top UK Universities

All our proofreaders have PhDs from UK universities and have experience teaching at university level so we know what is needed in an essay or dissertation. Whether it’s a coursework essay, a dissertation or a letter to a prospective employer, Doctor John Proofreading can provide the help you need to avoid errors and to polish up your work.

Improve Your Grades

With over fifteen years experience of proofreading in Manchester and London, we can help you achieve the best possible grades for your university assignments, essays and projects and help you with academic language.

How Doctor John can Improve your Work

  • Remove errors of grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Check whether your writing flows and how this can be improved
  • Ensure consistency throughout the document
  • Provide you with valuable feedback on your writing skills and give you tips on how you can improve your English
  • Recommend vocabulary improvements to make your language more academic
  • Evaluate and comment on your referencing
  • Use track changes and comments

Proofreading Studying

Proofreading in Manchester, London and the UK: Is Doctor John for You?


  • You are finishing your PhD thesis at university and need a second pair of eyes to ensure there are no mistakes
  • You are an EFL or ESL student who needs help with your English
  • You want to improve your grades at college or university
  • You are applying for an important job and need an error-free application
  • You are submitting a academic journal article and do not want it returned for avoidable errors

How Proofreading Works

The process is simple. All you need to do is send the document in Word format and we will go through it meticulously. We use Track Changes in Word, so you know exactly what has been changed and you can then easily accept or reject the changes. This also gives us the opportunity to add comments and suggestions on how to improve your work. If you have any questions Click Here with no obligation.

We have the flexibility to work to your deadline so let us take the pressure off and help make your document the best it can be.

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An excellent and timely service. I would recommend Doctor John Proofing Reading to postgraduate students and professionals alike. My thesis was proof read to a very good standard and with the quick return I needed.

Alicia (PhD Student