PhD Thesis Editing

PhD Thesis Editing

Doctor John Proofreading is based in West London and Manchester, but caters for the whole of the UK and beyond. PhD thesis editing takes a lot of care and attention to detail. All our proofreaders have PhDs from top UK universities and have experience lecturing and supporting students at university level, so we've been there and know what it's like and the burden you're under. Let us help take the pressure off to make sure your document is as perfect as possible.

Thesis Chapters or the Whole PhD

We can work through your whole PhD or you can send us your individual thesis chapters and we can proofread them while you work on the rest of the document. Our PhD thesis editing service checks for spelling, grammar, whether your argument flows and the structure of each chapter makes sense. We can also help you with referencing and will painstakingly go through each reference to ensure it is in line with your university's guidelines. 

Thesis Editing

Fast Turnaround

We know time is short, the pressure is on and deadlines loom, so we work hard to make sure you reach your deadline with fast turnaround times that work around your schedule. 

A Wide Range of Subjects

Our PhD thesis editing service covers a wide range of subjects. We have worked on topics from English literature, linguistics and sociology to biology, medicine and law. If you want to know whether we cover your area, call us on 0800 852 7258 or email to find out how we can help you.