7 High Value Sites to Improve Your Website Ranking

7 High Value Sites to Improve Your Website Ranking

Finding Interesting and Engaging Content for Website Ranking

Improving your website ranking is a challenge. With so much information, it’s easy to get saturated and overwhelmed. The invasion of the cute cats and insanely grotesque images of the world of the strange and vaguely interesting pull you further away from what you want to achieve: finding and posting interesting and engaging content that potential visitors will want to read, engage with and return for more. There’s so much guff and distracting content blinding you to the important gems to help you find something to talk about, tweet, comment on, retweet, post, etc.

the objective is not to “make your link appear natural”; the objective is your links are natural.

Matt Cutts

Make Your Site Visible

Having a website or blog amidst the clamour of competing content and trying to improve your website ranking can feel pointless, leaving you thinking how people are going to experience your drop in the cyber ocean. But there are ways to improve your visibility and get your voice to sing above the caterwauling. Posting links to your site can funnel visitors to your content and can improve your ratings, which means better Google rankings.

Here are just a few gems that are worth signing up to. You don’t have to spend hours on them; signing up and linking your website or blog is good enough in most cases,

1. Stumbleupon.com

Stumbleupon is a website and app that provides user-generated content from a wide variety of sources categorised into interests. Browse through content with one touch and give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down, then post to social media to share the joy. This is a very popular site and offers the opportunity to upload your own website, blog, etc., which provides a powerful backlink to your site.

3. Pinterest.com

This is highly popular site that is useful for searching for infographics, content and links to fascinating websites and posts. Post an image or video from your website or blog and create powerful links to specific pages and reach a far wider audience.

4. Reddit.com

Reddit’s popularity is mainly found in the US and provides user-generated content that can be upvoted or downvoted. Links can be uploaded, targeted at specific communities and can provide a powerful backlink.

When you have a lot of work to get through, navigating through social media content can absorb you for hours. Cut through this and find the content that your viewers will want to consume and keep consuming.

5. Storify.com

This is a colourful canvas to share social media posts for a far wider audience. This is yet another strong link to direct to your website or blog.

6. Ted.com

This is a fascinating site with talks and discussions on a wide range of topics. Definitely a place to go to feel inspired and invigorated and it can also give you a powerful backlink.

7. Google Plus

If you want to improve your rankings and visibility of Google, one of the best ways to do that is to use Google. Keywords and phrases from posts rank highly and your Google Plus page can even rank higher than your main website.

But as Matt Cutts from Google says,

the objective is not to “make your link appear natural”; the objective is your links are natural.

Engage with these communities and talk to people. Get involved with discussions on your topic and become a source in knowledge and information.

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