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I have used Dr. John Proofreading on a number of occasions and I have always been very happy with quality of the service. I would recommend Dr. John Proofreading for all levels of academic study, especially for PhD students, because the work is of the highest standard.

Dr Sam McCormick

Very pleased with the work, would recommend this service to PhD students!

Greek Ette

Used Dr John to put together some marketing material for my osteopathic clinic, happy with the service and appreciate the time he put into it, despite all my interruptions. Thanks 🙂

Francis Connor (Osteopath)

I asked Dr John to do some proofread for me on one of my MA TEFL assignment a few months ago. The service was brilliant! I’ve received my work back in a very short time with a better writing. I would recommend Dr. John to anyone who need help for proofreading!

Theeranan Ngoenkrathok

High standard, on time and clear comments! Recommended 🙂

Alicia Sanchez Requena

Thank you Dr. John for the support for my Master’s thesis. I had excellent support throughout the progress of the thesis chapters. I received a highly professional service and kept me on track to reach my deadlines.

Ami MA Student

My overall experience with Doctor John Proofreading was very reassuring and he took the heavy burden off my shoulders and made me feel a lot easier. I struggled with essay writing before and now my confidence has improved dramatically. Doctor John was patient, thorough and a true professional. I was getting high grades with Doctor John’s help which made me pass my course with a good grade. I never thought this was possible before.


PhD Thesis Editing and Proofreading for Students and Businesses

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